High Peaks

Talent Management

Sabine played a pivotal role in overseeing the company's ambassador program, where her responsibilities encompassed the identification and management of a diverse pool of talent and opinion leaders. In her capacity, Sabine not only identified potential brand ambassadors but also fostered and maintained relationships with them. She strategically crafted initiatives, focusing on brand amplification through targeted campaigns, events, and collaborations. She understood the importance of aligning their values with the company's ethos, ensuring a symbiotic relationship where ambassadors not only represented the brand but became genuine advocates, contributing significantly to the brand's overall image.

Company Summary

A successful journey begins with a body that feels great. High Peaks is a destination for the adventurous, the explorers, and those seeking to enrich their lives with the extraordinary potential of CBD and cannabis. Our range of premium products empowers entrepreneurs, comforts the stressed, aids the wellness-minded, and elevates the day-to-day experiences of all our customers.